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Epic Escape Rooms Long Island and Epic Escape Rooms Brooklyn offers a thrilling & challenging, live escape game in a themed escape room where you & your team must work together to find clues and riddles, solve them & escape the room in 60 Minutes or less.

What is An Epic Escape Room LI/Epic Escape Room Brooklyn  Adventure?

Escape Rooms are a unique game in where you and your team must work together to find clues and objects, solve riddles and puzzles and complete the challenge in under 60 minutes. Escape the Room creates a fun, immersive atmosphere where critical thinking, teamwork and communication are all you need to have an experience you won't forget. We guarantee a thrilling adventure whether you're new to escape rooms or not. Whether you are looking for a night out, a weekend activity, team building, corporate event, family fun, date night, fundraiser or celebrating a Birthday or Special Occassion, Epic Escape Rooms Long Island is the place to be. Why do something ordinary when you can do something extraordinary?

Can You Escape the room?

Long Island Escape Room

Escape Rooms in Long Island (West Hempstead)

Killer Feature

Killer Feature  -  $30/person West Hempstead Location

You've been taken against your will to be actors in my next killer screenplay. Will you escape, or become victims of my game. Only you determine how this movie ends.

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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct -  $30/person West Hempstead Location

After waking up in jail, your memory completely blank, you have only two questions. What have I done? How do I escape? Your freedom is up to you.

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Vanished Room Escape in Long Island

Vanished  -  $30/person

West Hempstead Location

The Amazing Balthazar has been making things disappear with his spectacular magic his entire life, but now he's the one who has vanished. Can your team find Balthazar in time, or will you suffer the same fate?

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The Pazziolis

The Pazziolis -  $30/person 

West Hempstead Location

The Pazzioli's are a connected family that have been feuding for years. Will you be able to beat the other side in this competition room?

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Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Taken- $35/person Brooklyn Location

Taken photo red room.jpg

This maniac is not your typical serial killer.  He prefers to torture his victims. His goal is to make people understand the value & gift of life well, at least for those few who survive. He has  seen something in you and made you his apprentice. However, your devotion is yet to be tested the same and the only way he's capable of testing it!!  Will you find a way to escape?"

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Forbidden Forest- $35/person Brooklyn Location

Forbidden Forest Image.jpg

While on vacation your plane unexpectedly crashes. You wake up and find your way into a forest. The spirit of Mizanuki haunts you. This place is beautiful but evil lurks, you can feel it. Will you find your way out or be stuck their forever?

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Find Us-West Hempstead

357  Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 203

West Hempstead, NY 11552

Phone: 516-427-5977


Find Us-Brooklyn

1311 Kings Highway, Floor 2

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Phone: 347-587-7774


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